Q: Where can I buy one?

A: ONLINE BABY! Currently we only sell online and at large Raptor/Offroad events.


Q: My item is out of stock, when will it be back in stock?

A: Shelf life for the Skid Pro doesn’t last long, once they’re online they go pretty quickly.  However, when an item is out of stock it takes generally 3-6 weeks to restock.  


Q: Can I pick up my Skid Pro in person?

A: Yes, we’re based in Clinton, Utah.  Or if you and your vehicle can handle the terrain, we can meet you at Hells Revenge or Sand Mountain!


Q: Does it come with a hitch pin or D-Ring?

A: The Skid Pro HITCHCOCK is the only item that ships with a D-Ring/Shackle.  Skid Pro standard does not include a D-Ring/Shackle.


Q: What's the hitch pin size?

A: 5/8 Universal.


Q: I don't drive a raptor, will this fit my truck?

A: The Skid Pro will fit any universal hitch receiver!  They work and look great on your TRD, ZR2, F-150, RAM, GMC, but probs not your Honda Ridgeline... and definitely not your Prius. 


Q: How can I contact SWW?

A: Best way to contact us is via our email: